The school recommends pescao whereas the navigation read the rules carefully until perfectly understand and remember clearly have to think that at the moment we are in the water with other kiters , any time you can give one of those situations and always keep the lesson to avoid clutter of lines and subsequent problems . As a last suggestion , be generous , it is always possible to avoid a conflict , if we react in advance will make things right , especially when there are many people in the water , space is limited or no rookies practicing and do not control too . That said, are generous.

As you will notice in the illustrations below , who usually has better viewing angle gives preference to those who have more difficulty perceiving the approach of another kitesurfer . You ‘re always attentive to the movements of other kitesurfers .

Using logic is also important:

- If you are approaching the coast : probably the Kitesurfer is sailing along in the same direction will transition and will come against you. Turn around before he does.
- Estés always alert all that is around you. Boats , Jet Skis and windsurfers can approach very quickly and give you a scare.
- When jumping , keep in mind that you will go very high. Skip only if you have an open area in front of you . This also applies to any operation , if you make a mistake you will be dragged above anything you have in front, or downwind.

Captaincy rules in Ports are very simple. All boats with more maneuverability must be diverted from other vessels less easily to maneuver. So, a Kitesurfer is obligated to deviate from almost everything except boats and Jet Skis , which do not depend on the wind to maneuver and are more agile . But it is generally advisable to go out of your way for your own health , regardless of who takes precedence . When in doubt , try changing your direction making it clear what will be your new path , it is preferable to lose a life meter .

Regarding surfers , sunbathers and swimmers:
No doubt, the kitesurfer should always avoid contact trying to keep a safe distance from them. Please note that accidents can lead to the prohibition of the practice of Kite in that sense the approach lugar.Vpara another kitesurfer . You ‘re always attentive to the movements of other kitesurfers .



Recklessly to kite , it can cause accidents and even death of the practitioner and others. Compliance with safety rules by beginners and experts is essential for safe development of sport ..

    • Find a place with 150 free from obstructions as . trees , cars, people , poles, power lines, roads, fences and animals
    • Never hold flight lines or walk between them with the kite flying or at risk of rising. When you are tense are very sharp. If necessary : warn swimmers and / or curious to stay away.
    • Never lift the kite during thunderstorms or heavy clouds . The team can become a perfect lightning rod.
    • Try to know limit wind kite in relation to its weight and never lift above that limit. It is very dangerous to be surpassed in power ( overpowered ) , the kite can lift many meters.
    • If you are a beginner with no winds navigate , because it can be washed in water.
    • Recommended protective equipment: helmet , life jacket , gloves, hook knife (to cut the lines in an emergency) , neoprene clothing ( if you plan to be in the water for long).
    • Sail away from airports and heliports. This alert if low flying aircraft in rescue procedures in their direction : lower kite immediately , the pilot may not have seen the kite or its lines.
    • Avoid being on land with attached / fixed to the harness bar . If you dragged or lifted may not get released on time . It is important to know the quick release systems for the kite.
    • water , watch boats , rocks, and your own table , especially if yours is below the keel up. You should also be very careful with semi submerged objects such as rocks, logs, roots and corals.
    • Always have a partner who observe while browsing and help lift and lower the kite. Plan your navigation : what is the safest way to lift the kite , where you will enter the water, wind direction and current path is going to follow and possible places to go from water.
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