Kitesurf Courses

Our kitesurf course has a duration of 8 hours aprox. We start with a theorical class where you can learn the basics of the sport and equipment handling (harness, kite and board). After that we start with the water lessons where the student will learn:

  • Kite handling
  • Bodydrag technique
  • Board rescue
  • Navigate upwind or downwind

We supply everything required: Kite, harness, board, life jacket and wetsuit. A boat and an instructor will be with you the entire time.


The kitesurf course has a cost of USD $65 per hour (We supply the equipment). To reach the basic level, You will require 8 hours approximately.

We can teach you all kitesurf levels, from beginners to advanced which covers jumps, tricks, and much more.

Contact Us to begin the lessons

Call Us:
(+57) 300 2306097
(+57) 311 3523293

or write us to: pescaokitesurf@gmail.com

Contact Us

Call us:
(+57) 311 3523293

Email: pescaokitesurf@gmail.com